Radio controlled smoke detector
Genius Plus X Edition

Our smart Genius Plus X radio controlled smoke detector has all the features of the Genius Plus and can therefore also be used as a stand-alone smoke detector. However, its full potential comes to light when it is used together with the Radio Module Standard X in the form of a perfectly thought-out, connected radio system. In the event of an emergency, a comprehensive alarm signal is triggered as early as possible across all integrated radio controlled smoke detectors.

For maximum reliability, safety, sustainability and user-friendliness. #futureproof

All product features at a glance

10-year detector

No more annoying and expensive changing of batteries. All our Genius smoke detectors are supplied with permanently installed, extremely long-lasting batteries. This saves money and protects the environment.

Winners of multiple tests and awards

Award-winning quality – confirmed by testing institutes and consumers. Our Genius Plus smoke detectors are repeatedly named test winners by various consumer portals.

Optimised alarm frequency

It is scientifically proven: children and elderly people in particular exhibit different hearing behaviour than middle-aged people. This means that they hear better at other frequencies. The alarm therefore traverses a wider frequency range than conventional smoke detectors to improve audibility for these people in an emergency.

Suitable for bedrooms

A flashing status LED in a dark bedroom disturbs sensitive sleepers. The Genius Plus Edition and Plus X smoke detectors therefore suppress all visual and audible status and fault messages at night between 9.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. (GMT) and only signal in the event of a fire.


We at Hekatron Brandschutz have a responsibility to our society and environment. We focus on local suppliers, environmentally friendly production processes and sustainable packaging materials.

Proven product features like:

Permanent self-check, contamination compensation function and forecast,
One two-hole / adhesive mounting and clear 3-colour LED status indicator

The Genius Plus X edition in single houses and apartment buildings

The Genius Plus X edition in single houses and apartment buildings

Single houses or apartment buildings often have several floors or consist of several units. They are also usually larger and more complex than, for example, a two-bedroom apartment. For this reason, the earliest possible alarm signal is even more important in a multi-storey building. This is where it makes sense to use a comprehensive alarm system with the radio controlled Genius Plus X Edition smoke detectors. In combination with the Radio Module Standard X, an instant warning is also sounded on the top floor if a fire breaks out in the basement.

Setup and activation of Genius Plus X radio controlled smoke detector with Radio Module Standard X

This film explains how you can setup and activate several Genius Plus X smoke alarm devices in 5 easy steps. The smoke alarm devices are taught into a shared radio network. You can connect up to 20 Genius Plus X smoke detectors in each wireless network.


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