The new carbon monoxide alarm from Hekatron
Flexible, reliable and long-lasting

The KonexXt CO One from Hekatron is a carbon monoxide alarm for use in residential buildings, apartments and rooms with similar use. It reliably detects carbon monoxide and alarms in the event of dangerous concentrations during the operation of e.g.

  • gas boilers
  • fireplaces
  • stoves
  • and open fires.

You can easily mount the detector on the wall yourself in just a few simple steps or place it on a surface thanks to the integrated stand function.

You can obtain our detector on the Internet:

Flexible mounting options: Wall mounting or table-top installation

Our new carbon monoxide alarm can easily be placed on tables, chests of drawers or other furniture thanks to the integrated stand function. Alternatively, it can also be quickly mounted on the wall in just a few steps. The required mounting material is included in the scope of delivery.

Reliable monitoring: long-life carbon monoxide sensor

for reliable CO detection for up to 10 years. It detects dangerous carbon monoxide concentrations between 30 and 999 ppm and alerts you acoustically and visually in good time if danger is imminent.

No battery replacement necessary: Permanently installed 10-year battery

Thanks to the permanently installed 3V lithium-manganese battery, the detector has a typical service life of 10 years from initial commissioning.

All information at a glance: Display and status indicator

The currently measured carbon monoxide concentration in the air and the status of the detector are shown on the display. In addition, the 3 LEDs provide a visual signal in the event of an alarm or fault.

Reliable and safe: Tested and certified in accordance with EN 50291-1:2018

The detector is tested in accordance with the standard for electrical devices for the detection of carbon monoxide in residential buildings. It corresponds to type B (for visual and audible alarms). In the event of an alarm (from 50 ppm), an acoustic signal is emitted at a volume of > 85 db(A) at a distance of 3 m. A fault or the end of service life is also signaled acoustically.

The highlights of our new carbon monoxide alarm in the video

Further details on the features of the new carbon monoxide alarm

  • Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor

The detector detects CO concentrations in the range from 30 to 999 ppm via its electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor.

  • End of life warning

30 days before the end of its service life, the detector warns with an acoustic and visual signal.

  • Acoustic signaling > 85 dB(A)

In the event of an alarm (from 50 ppm), an acoustic signal is emitted via the integrated horn with a sound pressure level of > 85 dB(A) at a distance of 3 m. A fault or the end of service life is also signaled acoustically.

  • Visual signaling

Visual signaling is provided by 3 LEDs. A green LED indicates operational readiness (POWER), a red LED indicates an alarm or an alarm memory entry (ALARM) and a yellow LED indicates a fault or the end of service life (FAULT)

  • Multifunction button

For activating the test alarm or muting and for querying and deleting the alarm memory.

  • Test alarm

The multifunction button can be used to trigger a test alarm (TEST) with a rising signal tone to check the function of the detector once a month in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation.

  • Mute function

In the event of an alarm with a CO concentration of less than 150 ppm or an error, a temporary mute function (SILENCE) can be activated using the multifunction button.

  • Alarm memory

An alarm is signaled on the display for 48 hours. After this, the last stored maximum value can be called up and deleted using the multifunction button.

Technical data

Sensor type


Typical service life

10 years

Max. Sound pressure level at 9,84 ft distance

> 85 dB(A)

Permissible ambient temperature 


Operating temperature

Storage temperature





14 °F bis 104 °F

-4 °F bis 122 °F


Proctection class


Permissible relative humidity



15 bis 95 %
10 bis 95 %

Dimensions (H x W x D)

4,33 x 4,41 x 1,24 inch


ABS/PC white, similar to RAL 9003




0,6283 Ib
0,4101 Ib


Operating voltage

3 V lithium-manganese battery

Tested according to

EN 50291-1:2018 (typ B)

Declaration of conformity (DoC)

2014/30/EU (EMC) 2011/65/EU (RoHS)




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